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As you know, families today are under attack. For every two weddings, a divorce tears a home apart, devastating those caught in its wake. FamilyLife  is committed to changing that statistic by helping couples build a marriage using the blueprints from God's Word to experience intimacy, fulfillment, and oneness while they leave a legacy of godliness to the next generation. We have joined a team that is expanding this much-needed ministry across the U.S. and around the world through marriage conferences, home bible-studies, daily radio broadcasts, and many other resources.

Something is terribly wrong in our families today.

People are desperately seeking answers to questions like: ​

                                                                                                    How can I make my marriage last? 
                                                                                                    How can my spouse and I really love and understand each other? 
                                                                                                    How can I raise godly children in an ungodly world? 
                                                                                                    How can I encourage others in their marriages?

If you are asking questions like these, you are not alone! 
That is why FamilyLife exists!

 These are not only serious times, but also times of great opportunity. Won't you help us make a difference in the lives of countless families? We invite you to join our support team so together we can reach the family for Christ and impact families for a lifetime...and beyond.
FamilyLife is a support-based ministry. As missionaries, we are responsible for raising 100% of the funds to cover our salaries, benefits and expenses. In order to serve in full-time ministry with FamilyLife, we rely on people like you to make ongoing contributions on our behalf. We can't do it alone! It takes a team effort.
There is a support level for everyone. We currently have partners supporting us from $10/month to $400/month. 
Click here to join our financial support team. 
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